When the Going Gets Tough

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tumblr_lzwi5inNNY1qfb9z9o1_400[1]What does “When the going gets tough, let the tough get going,” really mean.

I have always joked that I am tough, but in reality I have always seen myself as a survivor.  Meaning that whatever challenges life has thrown in my direction I have managed to survive.

It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend that the true meaning of the above saying came clear to me.

My friend was going through a similar life changing challenge that I had gone through the previous year.

I was explaining to her my perspective on what had happened to me, and how I had handled the challenge.  In other words I was explaining how I had survived, and how I was still surviving.

She turned to me and said, “How are you so tough?”

I stopped in my tracks for a second.  I really hadn’t realized what I called surviving could be seen by somebody else as being tough. To me I was just doing what had to be done.

Here is how I perceive the meaning behind the saying, “When the going gets tough, let the tough get going.”

When life throws you a challenge and the going gets tough, you get going doing what you need to do.  In that process you become tough.

You really don’t know how tough you really are.

It took a friend to point it out to me.

How you deal with a challenge is to make decisions and keep moving forward.

With each challenge that you put behind you, you become more confident to deal with the next.

Life is full of challenges, and “When the going gets tough, let the tough get going.”

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