Times Have Changed in the Workplace

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imagesPGU05VGCTimes have changed, and we have to change with it.

One area of our lives that has changed is the job market.

Back in my parent’s day – and that’s a while back – you got an education, then you got a job – where the company actually looked after you.   You worked that job until you retired, and the job gave you a decent pension.

That was so 20th Century.

We are now living in the 21st Century, and you’re unlikely to just have one job.  Most companies really are not interested in looking after their employees, and you will not retire at the end of your career with a decent pension.

The above mentioned is just the reality of the times we are living in.

Of course there are a lot of things that are better now than they were back then.

However, now we do have to rethink how we go about our careers.

We have to find a more modern model of making a living.

Education is always the best place to start, yet we have to find the right education.

At the moment there is no alternative to the school curriculum.  So as adults we have to decide and find the right education for what we want to do.  That will give us a better life.

We have to find our own way out of the 20th Century into the 21st Century.

Times have changed.

Are you still in the 20th Century?

The 21st Century’s here.


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