The Best Revenge

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images[8]No matter how often people tell you that you can’t do something over the years, the best way to deal with the negativity is to have massive success. Throughout my school years I was always told that I wasn’t smart enough to get any further than what was an equivalent to a GED in England. This year at the end of the spring semester I completed one Associates Degree, and have only three more classes to finish a second. Those people who told me that I would not be able to accomplish those goals are no longer in my life. However, the feeling of being able to blow a huge raspberry and several hand signals at them felt great. I proved them wrong. You can prove the people who have been negative in your life wrong as well. It may take time, persistence, and a lot of learning.  However the reward is worth it. Not only do you realize that what others say does not have to determine what you can accomplish. Your confidence grows, you have new skill sets, and you start to feel that the impossible is possible. Take the advice of Ol’ Blue Eyes, “The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra   Make Massive Success Happen.

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