From a Different Perspective

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imagesLP7P76FZSometimes you need to look at your challenges from a different perspective.

Take yourself out of the equation.

What would you say to a friend that came to you with the problem you’re having?

What I do when a friend comes to me with a problem is I tell them that I’m not telling them what to do; I’m just giving them suggestions.

Then I clarify with them what they have been doing so they have a clear idea of what has led them to this point.

Next I explain that if they carry on doing what they’ve been doing they will only end up with the same results.  This might seem obvious; nevertheless, sometimes we don’t see the obvious when we are in the situation.

Then I will suggest three or four different ways they could deal with the challenge.  These suggestions may vary only slightly from each other as I’m only trying to give them something to think about.

I want them to think and come up with a solution to their challenge themselves.

How can this help you figure out your challenge?

Take yourself out of the equation.

Run through the steps that I’ve just explained, and when you come up with the three or four suggestions, guess what?

You have three or four ideas on how to deal with your challenge.

You can pick one, mixed them together, the choice is yours.

You got there by looking at your challenge from a different perspective, because “Sometimes You Need To Look At Life From A Different Perspective.”


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