What Motivates You?

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imagesI7VZ9QM0What is your motivation for your new life?

There are going to be many challenges along the way, and you have to have something that motivates you to get through those challenges.

Your dream has to be big enough to carry you through.

How do you make your dream big enough?

An example would be…

You want to leave your job and have more free time with your family.

This may be a huge life change, and you may not be able to see right now how you’re going to achieve it.

But to achieve this you are going to envision achieving this goal – as I talked about in a previous post “When a Dream Becomes a Goal.”

The question then becomes, what’s going to keep you motivated after you have achieved leaving your job and having more time with your family?

Your answer may be something like, “I would then help family members do the same.”

But after you’ve helped your family members, then what?

This is an example on how you push your dreams to another level.  Keep pushing forward until you get to your core purpose for changing your life.

Then leaving your job, helping family members etc., become goals/milestones toward achieving your core purpose.

It is that core purpose that is going to carry you through all the challenges along the way.

It is that core purpose that is going to give you a life that you never thought possible.

It is that core purpose that really is what motivates you.

It is that core purpose that allows you to DREAM BIG.

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