No Matter How Slow You Go

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fitness-motivational-quotes-1[1]It doesn’t matter how fast you go when taking action toward your goals.

It is important that you take an action no matter how small every day.

Over time these individual actions will mount up, and you will start seeing results.

You will be able to fine tune the outcomes and build on what you have already achieved.

Change never really happens overnight.

Even when we see people rise to the top suddenly, in reality they have been taking action toward that goal for quite some time.

That is why it is good idea to read about other people, and how they managed to achieve what they have.

It will give you a different perspective.  It will show you that it takes constant action to achieve what you desire.

It is true that massive action will propel you forward quicker.

However, you can be the tortoise that wins the race too.

You should never put off doing something toward your goal because you feel that the task at hand is too big.  Break down the task into smaller chunks, chunks that you can fit into your day.

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”



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