How Far Have You Come

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images[1]It’s okay to look back, if you’re looking to see how far you’ve come.

Sometimes as we are venturing toward our DREAMS we get to a point where we feel that we haven’t got very far.

Change can be slow to the point we don’t realize that it’s happening.

As an artist I learnt something that has stuck with me throughout my journey to be a better painter.

I’m unable to remember whether I read it or was told by another artist about this way of looking back to see how far you’ve come.

As a painter you keep two to three of your favorite paintings per year.  The reason for doing this is so that when you get to the point where you don’t think that you are making any progress, you can take these paintings out and look at them.

I have done this over the years, and was totally surprised to see how far I had come from the time that I had painted those paintings.

In fact, there had been a remarkable improvement.  It was just that change had happened slowly and I hadn’t realized it.

When you are feeling as though you haven’t made any progress toward your BIG DREAM, stop for a second, look back, and see how far you have come, then march forward with renewed vigor.


March forward.

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