Finding Your Path

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finding-your-path-in-life[1]These words are so true.  “Finding your path in life may not always be the easiest thing, but never stop looking.”

The problem is that we tend to want a step-by-step guide to take us through this journey.  Unfortunately there is no guide.  The reason being is that every one of us is an individual and unique.

You may have tried several times to do what others have done, only to give up and not achieve anything.

What one person does to become successful and achieve their goals and dreams just doesn’t work for you.

So you throw away that technique or method saying that it was a con and doesn’t work.  When really it wasn’t the technique or method that didn’t work, it was that you missed one vital element – YOU.

I started riding horses at the age of five, and over the past forty five years I have learnt how to train them.

I have learnt techniques and methods on how to train a horse from a year old up to competition, and I have done so successfully.

There is also something else that I learnt, and that is not every horse is the same.  I use the same basic methods/techniques to train each horse.  But I also have to adjust these methods/techniques with each horse I train.  I cannot use a cookie cutter training method, one size doesn’t fit all.

If I have to adjust my training methods for each individual horse, then wouldn’t it be logical that we would have to adjust techniques/methods of finding our path to fit ourselves.

It is a known fact that there are as many ways to write a novel as there are authors.  Though there may only be several methods to write a novel.  The authors have adjusted the methods to fit the way they write.

This leads to “… never stop looking.”

Keep trying different techniques/methods and adjust them to fit YOU, and make them personal.  DON’T COPY ANYONE.

And follow YOUR path.

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