A New Day is A New Chance to Change Your Life

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Change-Your-Life-mission-for-michael-drug-alcohol-treatment-center-orange-county[1]What one thing you can do today that will move you toward changing your life?

Or are you getting overwhelmed with the thought of the task at hand?

Once you have figured out where you’re heading – YOUR BIG DREAM – you have to break it down into bite size pieces, and then you need to take ACTION.

You need to take action on one of those smaller pieces each day to keep you moving forward.

However, sometimes you come across a step that needs more steps.

An example would be that you need to learn something before you can accomplish the original step.

This now becomes another goal, and how you accomplish this is by breaking down that goal into steps.

It is like an author writing a book.  If the author sat down and said, “I’m going to write a book,” they may never start.  The task is too big.  But if that author broke down that book into writing two pages a day – which is much more accomplishable – they’re not as likely to get as overwhelmed.

If something overwhelms you then it needs to be broken down further until it no longer seems too big.

Then you ask yourself, “What can I do today that will move me toward my goal.”

Before long you will have accomplished more than you ever thought you would, and you will make “Every NEW DAY is another CHANCE to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

Now go and change it.

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