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I’m Blogging This

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24720422_1453032576[1]Why blog?

If you haven’t noticed business’s, causes, and hobbyists are all blogging these days.

They are blogging to connect to people.

If you have a business, cause, or hobby that you are passionate about, blogging is an easy way to give information to others.

You can use blogging to promote anything you like.

If you are looking to start your own business, and would like to have blogging system already built into that business.


Capturing Ideas for Your Blog

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imagesVNEYD00JHow do you capture ideas for your blog?

Sometimes ideas just pop up at the most inconvenient times.

Writers have had this problem for years, and they have come up with a few solutions.

First and foremost you should always carry a notebook and pen/pencil with you at all times.  Some writers however, will use index cards or post-it notes while they are out and about.

If you have a smart phone you can use that to capture an idea, either by text or emailing yourself.

Keep a notebook and pen on your bedside table.  Just in case you wake during the night.  Though I must warn you, you may not be able to read what you’ve written the next morning.

The reason why you should always have something with you to capture an idea is because you just cannot rely on remembering it later.

And an idea forgotten is an idea lost.

There is also another good reason for capturing all these ideas.

You can use them for when the dreaded writers block turns up, and get over that hump a lot easier.

There is another thing I do to take advantage of when my creativity is flowing.

Quite often I find when I’m drafting a blog another idea will turn up, so I’ll make note of it there and then.

After finishing the blog that I was writing I will immediately draft the other blog idea.

I will draft blogs until I either run out of time or the ideas stop.

This way I will have several blogs ready to post.  Having these blogs helps with creativity dry spells, the stress of having to write on those extra busy days, and when something unexpected turns up.

Write your ideas down when they arrive, take advantage when creativity is flowing, and have several bogs ready to post.

Don’t miss an IDEA.

You never know when your MILLION DOLLAR IDEA will show up.

What’s Your Passion?

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What are you passionate about?

What interests you?

What hobbies do you have?

Are there causes that you support?

What’s your passion?

No matter what your interest is, if you have spent any amount of time doing something you are passionate about, you have a wealth of information that you can use for your blog.

You can even blog about your town.

One Tuesday evening I was out with a friend in my local town.  We had gone for dinner and decided to stroll down the walking mall.

My friend started to point out historical points of interest that she had learnt about after taking a tour.

I asked her if she had seen the cannon ball in the wall.  She said she hadn’t, and we headed to the wall.


The cannon ball is a little bit off the beaten path, and she was thrilled to find another hidden piece of history.

As we carried on our walk she pointed out a couple of other places that she had seen on the tour.

The tour had sparked an interest in the history of the town, and now she was exited to tell me what she had discovered.

Guess what she could now blog about?

Blog posts are everywhere; you just have to find them.  Just like the cannon ball.

Start with your interests, and what you’re passionate about.

Try new things.

And see what you will find.

Carry On Blogging

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Carry On BloggingBlogging can feel like the most difficult thing to do. We feel that there is nothing for us to blog about, and nothing inspires us to write.

That’s how I used to feel about blogging. I had never kept a dairy or a journal as I never felt that I had anything interesting to say, that my life was just plain boring.

The problem isn’t about us having nothing to write about, or having an uninteresting life. The problem is actually that we haven’t found our own process of blogging.

I figured out my process of blogging by accident.

I was taking my third writing class with the same Professor; a professor who strongly believed in journaling every day of the semester and had made it a requirement of the class.

I was dreading the journaling part of the class, and was already trying to think of ways to get around the task. I am sure that the professor was also wondering what I would come up with this semester.

At half-term I scrapped by with a grade C, with a note “be careful of the gaps” from the professor. Having left writing in the journal to the last minute, I only had time to write my notes from the reading assignments.

The second half of the semester went faster than the first, and I found myself with one week left before having to turn in my journal.

I hadn’t touched that damn notebook since having got it back after half term, and now I also had a portfolio to do.

What was I going to do?

I decided not to bother with it, and worked on the portfolio. I resigned to the fact that I had left it too late and no ideas on what to write.

Then a strange thing happened.

I finished the portfolio quicker than expected. I picked up the journal and wrote the remaining reading assignment notes. The notes didn’t fill enough days and there were too many spaces.

What could I do to fill in the blanks?

Then an idea appeared.

I get inspired from images. Images I see on Facebook, Google, or just about anywhere. I would use these images and write an idea next to it. That’s how I would fill in those blanks. I had to do an all-nighter to fill in over forty missing days, but I did it, and received an A.

How does this help me blog?

Look at the top of this blog. What do you see? An image. An image that inspired me to write this blog and reminded me of the story I’ve just told you.

If you’re having trouble blogging find your process and inspiration, the words will follow. We all have stories to tell.

Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging.

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