Why I Blog!

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The other day I was reminded of the reason why I blog.

I received a comment on one of my blogs. The person wrote to say that they found my blocks helpful, and that they would be returning again and again to read them.

When you blog you are not always aware that people are reading, and finding what you have to say interesting and helpful.

If I can help one person with their business, get through the day, or set them on their path to fulfill their dreams and live a wonderful life; then that makes me happy.

I was raised in England by parents who lived when people helped each other with no strings attached, and I too have that core value.

Sometimes all we need to know is that we are not alone, and that can make all the difference. We may be separated by states, oceans, and countries.  However, our trials and tribulations are all too similar.

If we share information on what we have learnt, we can help someone else.

And that’s WHY I BLOG.

Have a Wonderful day, live your Dream.



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